I want to buy a Hermés Scarf

  1. This will be my first Hermés scarf and there are so many different styles. I want to wear it very casual like with a pair of jeans and nice crisp white button down shirt. Can someone Pleeeeasse give me some suggestions. :shrugs:

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. Have a look at the 'De Passage A Tokyo' (or is it A passage de Tokyo??) from the current collection (see www.hermes.com). They are wonderfully versatile and just lovely with the look you have in mind. I just bought one in the black colourway and am in luuurve!
  3. I recommend blue for a first scarf - it can work csual and more firmal, and suits most people!
  4. I bought my first scarf 2 days ago and have barely taken it off since! I went for blue and it goes wonderfully with white - and I live in jeans.

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  5. ^ I love it, elise! I think you'll get a lot of wear out that one - it's gorgeous!
  6. I vote for Les Toits it's been my favorite scarf ever since I first saw it..... um yesterday :p
  7. LOL handybags! Did you see the light green? Such a gorgeous spring colour.
  8. Thanks Grands Fonds - I think at this rate I am going to wear it so much it will wear out! Such fun choosing I had such a good time.

  9. Ooooh yeah I saw it alright :graucho: am madly emailing DH with clues!! lol

    Finally got to see your lovely scarf it's FANTASTIC.... uh-oh now I want that too;)
  10. sorry to hijack your thread labelmom. I am a complete novice, but the only thing I found was that it made a big difference when you held the scarf up near your face. I am a warm colour person and so this warmer blue worked for me and made me look rosy. I also tried a glorious yellow whch made me look ill.

    Handybags - I want the green one now as well!!!!!
  11. labelmom- are you buying online or going to a store? If you are going to a store then I would find a nice SA you click with and go crazy trying them on!! That's what I did for my first scarf and not only was it a lot of fun but I found out what colors suited me and what didn't. I even tried on some that I thought would look horrible and lo and behold they looked great on. I know this may not be much help but you never know what is going to really pop for you and what isn't.
  12. have you considered a plisse?:graucho:

    honestly, from what i've seen, it requires very little effort to make a major impact, and it's great for the season ahead (i'm sure spring will arrive some day).
  13. ^^^ yes, or a mousseline... great for the warmer weather... that I hope is coming soon!
  14. ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous! Where did you purchase it at? And what is the name of it?