I want to buy a Chocolate Carly!

  1. I got a Macy's gift card in April and since then have been lurking around the Coach forum trying to decide on a bag to buy. After looking at bags both IRL and online, I think I want to buy a Carly.

    I am 5'6" and a size 12, and I'm not sure which size of Carly will be good for me. If people who do have Carly's (any color, any size) would be kind enough to show me some modeling pics or direct me to a relevant thread I'd be very grateful.
  2. Here's the thread I started:


    I went with the medium. I was originally going to go with the large, (and that still may happen in another color combination) but I think because of your height you could rock either size.

    I'm 5'7 around 150# and wear a size 6-8 (depending on brand).

    Remember it's all about what YOU are comfortable carrying though.
  3. I like the large Carlys best, cause ya know, size DOES matter!:graucho:
  4. Thank you very much, mokoni. Those threads were very informative.

    Is the medium large enough to hold a three-ring binder in case of necessity?

    (I don't need to zip the bag up)
  5. krispin, what is the price of the wallet, if you don't mind my asking?
  6. I just tried, it won't fit. It isn't wide enough for the binder to go in.
  7. Thank you. I'm still debating on whether to get the medium (stylish, seems the right size for day to evening outings) or the large (will fit my binders and can be used as a schoolbag also)...
  8. that wallet was $208 but you can get it bigger in the slim wallet for $238 #40634 color is brown/chestnut - this is the one I ordered for my carly. Supposed to be delivered to the store tomorrow and can't pick it up till a week and a half since DH took time off work......crap!
  9. merika, just me but I'd go with the medium Carly. The large one, to me, is a little bit too bulky to comfortably schlep around day to day. It's great as a school bag or big tote, but the medium seems to be the perfect functional purse and more comfortable to wear. I'm a size 12 too and taller and I think that the medium looks appropriate on me. I was just drooling over a medium chocolate Carly the other day, so pretty!
  10. Hey Merika I just went to the coach store yesterday and my mom fell in love with the chocolate brown carly she is short and so she is going to get the medium and you and I are about the same size and i think the medium is the best fit.
  11. ^^Thanks for all the help, ladies!

    Does the demi come in chocolate also? That would make a great (small) bag for essentials. I looked on the website and it is now only available in brown/white and blue. I would like to get a demi in addition to the above mentioned medium or large Carly.
  12. From what I understand the demi is going to come in chocolate sometime in the future. There is actually a thread on this question by Mokoni and apparently the demi is on backorder, so you could call CS and find out the actual date that it will be available or they may let you order it over the phone already.
  13. Not at all, here's the link in fact!


    It's listed as $208. I ordered it via phone and it was actually listed as either $188 or $198 on my invoice. All I know is that when I called and gave her the item number it did not come up as $208.