I want to buy a Birkin-How Do I get started?

  1. I don't own a Birkin and am dying to get started. What do you suggest? eBay or other online sources seem easier than trying to buy one in a store but I don't want to get scammed. I would really appreciate any assistance from you smart,savy ladies.
    I'm heading to LA this weekend-any good leads on landing one there? Thanks!
  2. if you can wait then you can try stalking at the stores and building a good SA relationship. otherwise you can try the trusted eBay resellers. there is a list of all their names in the hermes shopping section
  3. If you see something on eBay that you fancy, post it on the 'authenticate this' thread in the shopping section of the Her mes subforum and we'll do our best to help you!
  4. If you aren't that picky it seems like a long week-end in paris will do.
  5. If in the US, Wall Street Hermes in NYC should do the trick. If in Asia, then Japan. If in Europe, then Paris or other well-stocked European capitals.
  6. In LA go to the Rodeo Dr store in the morning when it opens, that's how I bought mine (off of the shelf).
  7. Yes. I agree. Rodeo's your best bet. While you're in LA, you can also stop by South Coast Plaza at Costa Mesa. But SCP usually doesn't have any birkins on the shelf for purchase.

    You can also search this forum for reputable brick and motar resellers. I like Luxury Zurich quite a bit. They have a decent collection.
  8. Thanks very much for your advice! I will head to the rodeo shop first thing sat. morning and I also found a resale shop called Decades which looks interesting. Does anyone know of any other consignment shops in that area worth taking a peek at?
  9. Wondering if it's worth calling all the Hermes boutiques on a regular basis. Will they give any info over the phone?
  10. I would say buying it in a store would be a nice experience! I have seen the blue jean, orange and black in stock before!
  11. if you are willing to pay more but get the bag within a few weeks, you can buy it online from www.createursdeluxe.com
    I was told it's a very famous H online shopping and maybe you can try www.luxwear.com
    but they're a lot more expensive than the price you will pay from the store.
    Im still saving and hunting for my first H too! but Im buying mine from the store, just for the sake of the first H bag.
  12. shopper!! sis you say orange!!!???
  13. i think Paris is the best shot, go in the headquarter at Faubourg Saint Honore when it opens and try again sometime in the afternoon. I bought both of them in Paris!!
  14. if you go in Paris, can you put your name on the waitlist? anyone has ever done that?