I want to bid on this sophia soooo bad. But I've been bad twice this week already

  1. I say go for it! It's a gorgeous bag!!
  2. I love this color combo! I had two bags in almond. So beautiful. My favorite is the aqua suede. It is TDF!
  3. i saw an almond pocket satchel recently. I want one soooo bad.
  4. You need to stop merraine! Wait until you get your bags, esp your Sage sophia. You don't want your new babies to feel neglected before they even arrive... :p
  5. *hangs head* i know! that's why i got off eBay quickly :smile: I just can't wait for my bags to get here, it's killing me!
  6. ok i have a different take. sometimes there are periods where you luck out and the bags you want are on eBay. if you do not have to worry about how to pay off the extra sophia, you should go for it.

    I have controlled myself when multiple bags i wanted appeared on eBay thinking i could buy it next time. but the thing with out of production bags is that there are only so many and it may be awhile before it shows up again and it might not be in great condition.

    So my take is this, if you really love the bag, go for it if purchasing it doesn't require you to not eat for a week. if you only like it alot but don't love it (ie it's not your must acquire list) then wait for your 2 new beautiful bags to come. that sage sophia you have is to die for. i love the color!!!
  7. i see your point and it really sucks that I have such an affinity for the discontinued bags. But even though DH is an enabler, I really think he would freak if I brought home 3 MJs in one week :wtf: . But you are correct I may not see one like it for a while. But that's good right? :yes: Plus I think once my bags get here I will satisfied for a while.
  8. You have a DH that's an enabler?! :wtf: Where can I find one???:graucho:

    Bubble makes a point.. if you see one that you like and if you think your chances are slim to finding another, then go for it... but IMO, I've noticed that some bags tend to pop up a lot, or in waves.... you have to be patient. Of course, the downside is that you're on ebay a lot more and you see a lot more bags that you want!!!