I want to be a LV SA!

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  1. This is my destiny,okay im young but still.....i went yesterday to the LV boutique at Ogilvy and i was like...Naming all the bags and all the colors & sizes they come,and my dad started laughing he said jeez your finishing the SAs phrases....I said "I know."

    But no seriously,what does it take to start working there,i would be very interrested in knowing what qualifications I need.I worked for almost 3 years at a jewelery store so i do have retail experience.Ive never worked in luxury retail,but i do know Louis Vuitton better then i know math haha...(im not joking..) :biggrin:

    If anybody can give me some advice,i would be very greatfull!

  2. I would suggest contacting the manager of the boutique location to see if you can schedule an informational interview. This is an interview where the goal is not to get a job offer, but to let the hiring manager get to know you and network. You could share what you know of LV and your qualifications and experience (you would take your resume). If they have an opening, it could lead to a job offer. If not, then he or she might keep you in mind if there is an opening.
  3. I'm the same way - though I'm not at the point that I want to become an SA :smile: I actually have a couple of "friends" who work for LV in Vancouver - one at each store, actually. I believe all you need to do is get your resume together and hand it in to a manager at the store. Make sure you stress your customer service skills and prepare for a behavioural interview. Don't be afraid to sell yourself coz lots of self-confidence is something they value. Good luck, and let us know how you do! :tup:
  4. I love Montreal Ogilvys LV:heart: I finish their sentences all the time, my SA always says how cute she thinks I am because I love LV so much lol! If you really want to do this, im sure you can! Good luck!
  5. why dont you go into the LV you want to work at all dressed up nicely in black and ask to speak to the manager, and explain your experience and what you need to do to work therE?
  6. i've heard that you need retail experience, which you have. just go in and ask an SA for a job application. i did once but decided against it cause i love LVs too much.

    also, i decided against it because of the whole not being able to buy LE stuff til the season is over.

    but anywho, good luck! :smile:
  7. good luck and LV needs a SA like ya..:yes:
  8. How come SA's and LV workers cant buy LE bags, acessorie and stuff like that until the seasons over???????
  9. My SA told me that I should work there too. I'm seriously considering it...
  10. good luck ... sounds like you are made for the job
  11. i heard that that LV staff has to wait a certain period of time after launch before they can buy LE bags. this would especially suck if the collection is super popular that by the time they're allowed to, they're all sold out. i'm not sure what the exact rule is but i would guess this is to prevent hoarding of goods by the staff, especially when they have a discount.
  12. Thanks guys!
    Well i will get my resume put up together nicely and i will call in advance to make time with a maganer because i do not want to sound rude and just go there while she (or he) is buzy or something....but seriously guys thanks,i feel a bit more confident about trying to get a position there now! :smile:
  13. good luck! i think the experience at a jewelry store will help a ton.

    i just wanted to add that my reasons for not pursuing a LV job are not to deter the OP from getting it. :smile: i didn't know if my posts came off like that.
  14. They have to wait 6 months until they can purchase LEs.
  15. You should bring ur CV to the manager!! I guess the manager is the guy who works there.. You know the only guy!! He is really nice~~ (he is actually the one who always serve me when I go there) so GOOD LUCK!!