I want to ask first and I don't want to get in trouble

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  1. but can we ask for advice about selling on eBay?

    I am just curious and I don't want to make a mistake if we aren't allowed to.
  2. There is a thread on the main forum board considering eBay, I think that is where you would have to ask those questions. I am sure that if you pm one of the moderator they would know best.
  3. Okay I found the forum, but I need advice about selling a Balenciaga NY store credit on eBay.

    I can't find anything about store credits.

    The are all about actual items.
  4. I know this thread probably should not continue here but I do want to help by describing specifically why this might be tough to sell on ebay.

    There is a big gift card/certificate category on ebay. I find it a little scary but people buy and sell gift cards and store certificates. The snag for you IMHO is that ebay has rules about listing items in the specific categories that they belong. So, ebay would require you to list this store credit (I don't know that it is even transferable--BalNY may make it out to you only) in the gift card/store credit category. It would be against ebay's rules to list it under handbags because it is not physically a handbag. They have a name for this infraction, but it slips my mind right now.

    Sooooo, anyone searching for the keyword Balenciaga on the entire ebay site would find your listing, but anyone searching only within the handbag category for the keyword Balenciaga would not see your listing. Meaning, a lot of people would never see your listing because many are searching within the handbag category.

    I hope that makes sense!

  5. Before selling the credit on any venue, you might want to check with Bal NY to make sure that the credit is transferable to someone else. With their tight return policy, you may not be able to give the credit to someone else.

    BTW, did you get your new courier yet? A blueberry courier sounds so pretty.
  6. if i were you, id just list it in multiple catergories. Such as Gift Certificate catergory AND in handbags, so more people will find it.
  7. Yeah, the first step is to call BalNY and find out if they will even allow it - have you done that yet?

    Assuming they say yes, then I think you can post your question to the eBay forum here and get some advice. You could also go to eBay's discussion forums and post there - that might be even better.

    Here's the eBay Seller Central board ... maybe that would be the place to ask:
  8. Ladies, please no discussion about ebay in this forum whatsoever other than to authenticate a bag.

    If you have general ebay questions, please feel free to post a thread in the ebay forum. Thank you.
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