I Want to Adopt a Dog but...

  1. My husband doesn't want another dog. :sad:

    We have a one year old bichon frise, Izzie, who was hard to train and is very hyper. We both work full-time so she is alone pretty much all day during the week.

    I have a friend who works at an animal shelter near where I live and she sent me a picture of a dog, Scooter, who is having a hard time being adopted, because he's 6 years old and people generally want puppies. He's house-trained and crate-trained, and I think he'd be a good companion for our dog during the day. And look at his face!!! How can you say no to that?


    But my husband continually says no everytime I ask if we can get another dog. I love Izzie and with all her energy, she loves being around other dogs and I think it would help her during the day so she doesn't get so lonely. And this one is even house-broken so we wouldn't have to go through that drama again.

    Anyways, anyone else had to fight their DH for another animal in the house? I want to make him see that this can be a great thing for both us and our current dog!
  2. I'm going through the same thing right now. We have a one year old shih tzu who just loves other dogs. She is really hyper and is a total spaz when we get home. I feel bad that we leave her when we're at work. A dog walker comes every day, but I feel like she would be so much happier with another dog, not to mention that it would give her a playmate to wear off some of her energy with. She loves other dogs so much and cries if we are walking and I don't let her go meet other dogs being walked on the other side of the street. I would love to get a slightly older dog because we went through a ton of house breaking drama and other puppy craziness. Dogs that are much older find her annoying though because she has a lot of energy. We would really have to be careful to find another dog that meshed well with her.

    My DH is against getting another dog because of everything we went through training her and because we are on animal overload with her and our two kitties. She tries really hard to get the cats to play with her, but they have zero interest. I think another dog would also make her leave the cats alone more, but it could end up stressing them out which I don't want to do. I can't offer advice in terms of convincing your DH, but thought I should share that I'm in the same boat.

    P.S. Scooter is such a cutie!
  3. I've never had to do the convincing, but it might help to ask him why he doesn't want another (i.e. fear of two hyper dogs running around, potty training, etc.) and maybe address it from there. He also may just be a one dog kinda person, but until you ask him, you won't know where to start.

    Scooter is ADORABLE. I hope he finds a good home soon. I adopted an adult dog (we think she was maybe 3, could have been 2 or 4, hard to say) 3 years ago and i highly recommend it for people who work. They're over the teething/destructive/chew everything in sight phase and many times, they're already potty trained. :tup:

    Good luck convincing hubby!
  4. Shih tzus in general are extremely social breeds (I had one for 15 years growing up) and GREAT dogs. I love their personalities/attitude. If you start seeing signs of depression or anxiety, another dog would be a very good answer. Most people I know with shih tzus either are retired and are around the dogs often or have at least one other dog to keep them company.
  5. Well I talked to DH and he said that he would be willing to meet him and see if our current dog gets along with him, and make sure that he is indeed house-trained and crate-trained...so I'm filling out the application and faxing it in!
  6. ^OMG congrats!! I am SO EXCITED for you :smile:

    What a lucky pup!
  7. Awww, no one can really resist that face! Can they? I can't offer much to help but am here for support and best wishes that you guys can adopt cutie Scooter! DF and I were in agreement before we got our 1st pup that a second one would follow after... it's just a matter of us getting a house before dog #2 will follow. Good luck!! Seriously, I can see the benefits of 2 dogs hanging out with each other during the day!
  8. ^^ Thats excellent news!! Good luck!!
  9. Shoot, just bring him home. Once he sees Scooter, he'll melt and there's no turning back. :love:

    Or as my DH said when Gracie came home: "She had me at hello." (courtesy of Jerry MacGuire).
  10. Aww good luck!!
  11. Yay! Good luck!
  12. Update: so I got an email from the shelter in regards to Scooter - the shelter said that the foster mom will be contacting me soon about him, but she believes he has a serious medical condition that has prevented him from being adopted...which kind of concerns me because no one is home all day to take care of a dog, so we probably would not be able to get him. :sad: I really hope she was thinking of a different dog!
  13. Ohhhh.. :sad: i hope its not scooter or any other dogs.. i koe of a great product, K9 immunity. I have a dog with cancer, this product didnt cure him but now his still alive n kicking n robust when the vet suggested many times he wont survive when he was first diagnosed and to put him down.. IMO if u have affinity with the dog adopt him, god will bless him..
  14. Please do update us on what the health issue is, and how the talk with the foster mom goes...
  15. What a cutie!! Poor thing has a medical condition, god bless his little heart. I hope it works out with that little pup, please keep us updated! You dog now probably wants a little friend. :smile: