I Want THIS!

  1. What do you guys think?
  2. WOW.:drool: I so did NOT need to see that!!!:heart:
  3. Wow, where did you see it???? I love it! It is just adorable! I need one!!!!!!1
  4. :lol:Well I guess you guys like it too! It is in the legacy collection under accessories
  5. :heart::heart::heart:
    'nuff said.
  6. One of the many things on my wish list.....
  7. anyone know how much its going for ??
  8. Oh! Too Cute!
  9. Very cute!
  10. I love the stripes...very cute!

    DB89 it's price is $188.00. Very reasonable considering they are usually well close to $218 or more & this one is alittle cuter than the rest b/c of the kisslock coin pocket. hmmm...do I need a new wallet LOL
  11. thank you Pursefanatic !!

    like i need a new wallet ..... NOT... but it will not stop me ...
  12. So cute... It'd look great in a cool tote! :smile:
  13. It's on my wishlist too! :heart:
  14. :heart:3!! I love it!!
  15. I think this will go so well with many different purses b/c of the color variations and it will be so easy to find in any purse! I just sold my LV koala wallet. I may have to get his instead, the price is a lot better too