I want this!

  1. [​IMG]
    GORGEOUS! (but $148)
  2. I want it too, I love that print, aren't they coming out with the 3/4 inch one though??
  3. i love it but i dont 'think i'll be payin that much!
  4. OMG! I saw that on the site and thought the same thing! I LOVE IT!

    Pink and silver just make me happy. :love:
  5. I like it but my wrist is too:sad: skinny. It is very pretty!
  6. i dont' know about having a skinny wrist, mine are kinda skinny, but good LORD dude, it's thick lol... i don't know if i could handle that THICk of a bracelet with that print.

    ETA: i saw a few others that i could handle big tho :yes:
  7. That is gorgeous! I love it!! Hmmmm, that would make a great birthday gift for DH to get me.
  8. i love the colorrrrrrrrr...but, ok dont all jump on me, but im hating the perfume bottles! Like i agree its a cute bottle blah blah blah, but i dont want a bottle design hanging on my wrist! i soooo wish they made that without the bottles then it would be to die for!
  9. i like it, it's a collectable item, and i think it's cute... but i COMPLETELY AGREEEEEE! it'd be mine without the bottles on it! LoL. glad i'm not the only one! hehe!

    i like the color and design... i LOVE the cursive words! that is my fave part of the new lines!
  10. omg thank you so much VBliss I thought i would be the only one!! I am kind of dissapointed in coach, to me it feels like they are trying to push the perfume on us a little TOO hard...i mean great you came out with a fragrance, but dont put the bottle on a braclet!

    Sorry if i offended anyone!!
  11. Yeah, honestly I prefer for the bottles to not be there. I felt the same way about the cosmetic bag with the bottles all over it. I still like them enough to buy them though :shrugs:
  12. I also wish it didn't have bottles on it! I agree with uoflkim, the cosmetic bag would be so much cuter without the bottles.
  13. and on the wristlet, tote bag, hat, scarf, ponytail scarf, cosmetics bag, and top handle pouch.


    it's just a bit much, IMO.

    (actually - the tote is no longer online...hmmm)
  14. I think its cute, as long as the purfume bottles aren't that noticable irl. Whats it made of? If it is sterling silver then the price is ok. if not, that is way too much.
  15. I was hoping they'd come out with some new jewelry - this is pretty - but it's not what I had in mind!