I want this...

  1. oo i saw this too! its perfect!
    but i want one in the original print which will be impossible to find:p hehe
  2. I actually like this one a little better than the original print. I think it's the star tatoo that does it for me.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the inside of an angioletto?
  4. I used to have a pic of the inside on my computer...but I must have deleted it. There's one small inside pocket in there that fits a few credit cards and $$$. It's a really awesome little wristlet...I just walked up to Starbucks and I used mine. I carry keys, cell phone, $$$, id, credit card and sometimes I put my ipod in there too. It fits my mini ipod or the shuffle with all that other stuff already in there.

    You should call the outlets. I doubt they have one as good as this one but I know they used to have the playground angioletto. I got mine there. Why don't you call and see??? Just make sure you describe playground as playground...TAN...not CAMMO!! It was like $42.50 or some crazy cheap amt at the outlet!!

    I just remembered the pic might be on my other computer....I'll go check now.
  5. the inside is 1 big open compartment, but w/a slit pocket on the side for something small. it's the best investment you'll ever make getting an angioletto.

    when i go walking, i tote that around w/my keys, id, & phone. when i went out recently w/girlfriends, i had my id, money, cell phone & digital camera in it! it's really roomier than you think, but works great for a regular wallet too, can fit any amount of cards or ids you might carry regularly.
  6. Sorry, I must have deleted the pic of the inside...I don't know why I would've done that but it's not in my other comp either. :confused1: $99 is super expensive for that though...it really depends on how bad you have to have it!!
  7. I'm thinking pretty bad :graucho:
    For right now it's safe but I'm not going out tonight I'm sitting at home drinking beer with a credit card in reach and a high speed connection. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. :graucho:
  8. Thanks for the info about the inside. That's all I needed to know.
  9. oo so are you going to get it?

    haha yea. i originally didn't like the playground prints.. but no i think its starting to grow on me... :p
  10. mmmm... I dunno :shrugs: it's awfully expensive for such a little thing. I like it and I would use it... but it's waaaay too expensive.
  11. Are you going to be kicking yourself in the morning for not buying it if someone else swoops in and outbids you? Although the dollar amount is a lot, how much is it worth to you?
  12. Nothing can compare to the one you really wanted with an ideal print!!! I learn my lesson from vmasterz, she finally got a perfect Mamma Mia Foresta from a Japanese website and I am still on the hunt!!! :cursing: There's not even a new one on eBay these days and I don't want to settle for an used one with an ugly print placement...
  13. It is really cute, but super-expensive. Cozy-little-shop won't budge on their high prices either - I have tried bargaining with them before to no avail.
  14. You're funny...I did the same last night...drank some wine w/my bf's credit card sitting next to me cruisin' the web!! I ended up ordering the girls bullet hoodie from jamie!!! I don't know if I'll ever wear it but I've wanted it for so long that I think I had to have it...plus the wine made it way easier to make the purchase!!!

    Did you buy anything?