I WANT THIS!!! soooooooo CUTE!

  1. I've seen this at the boutique. Its cute, but I would imagine it would get scuffed up in no time...even the one in the pics is already a little scuffed up. >_<
  2. LOVE IT! I want one!:nuts:
  3. wasn't it $200 in stores? i don't think it is sold out.
  4. Yes I had it and returned it. It is very scratch prone and folds fingerprints all over. It is very heavy and bangs around a lot. But to look at, it's gorgeous, just totally impractical.
  5. My SA is so silly, she showed me this at the store and she said "you could totally use it for self defense!" lol
  6. lol it's cute, but it's pricey for such a little thing.
  7. my store had it for like 240 and the Saks was 230?
  8. it's interesting..... totally useless.
  9. I think I'll call LV and see if its available locally....I just really think its adorable. for 2 hundred...not to bad...

    I wonder if it comes in silver as well?
  10. OT: never-enough-LV--you must be from MN!! I was just reading your location, and knew it had to be! So sad that there's just one little boutique there! I lived in MN for almost my entire life, but have moved to FL in the last 6 months! Down here, it's like LV overload!
  11. ....of course it does!! :rolleyes: