I want this PRADA bag! HELP!

  1. If I were to find this bag, it would be my first prada ever!!
    I love it, it was on Blue Fly but it went so fast, I love the color, I won't settle for black or brown!!

    I am going to NY next week (1st time!), do you think I would be able to find it there?? Thank you, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! (:;)
  2. You might want to check at Barneys. I was there last week and I don't know if they had this one but I did see several white leather bags with gold hardware. Good luck!!
  3. yes most if not all ny stores carry this bag...

    cervo lux (material name)
    br3830 (article number)
    talco (color)

    good luck! :smile:
  4. hope u get it and post pics here:tup::heart:
  5. I hope I get it too! I will def post pics!!

    Thanks locogymman, I can't wait to purchase it in NYC!!!
  6. I just checked Blue Fly, and it is out of stock... :sad: . Oh well, it will be much more exciting for me to get it in NY! :smile:
  7. I thought I saw it on raffaello-network.com or styledrops.com in that color.
  8. Still available on BlueFly.
  9. But this is the Big version u just posted or? Theres also a smaller version of this tote. or??
    Why doesnt this Bag go on Sale? Is it a keeper in their collection? Because I always its from the Winter 2007/08 Collection!?
  10. just because a bag is offered in one season does not require it to go on sale...virtually most of the stock that is carried will never go on sale..only the strongly seasonal bags (ad campaign and other styles never produce) will go on sale...cervo lux was introduced late into fall and it was a carryover collection into spring..
  11. thanks locogymman for your explaination. I was wondering. Because when we had the sale going on at our local prada store.. only 5 bags were on sale (e.g. the big bowlers with the gold hardware) But other bags, such as the cervo lux tote was not on sale.. or the grey faded bags.. the SA told me its not going to be on sale though they had like 3 versions of those and didnt sell them for months (but now they are all gone!:smile: so I guess it worked)

    Thanks again!
  12. There's only one size of this bag, but two colors: black & this cream. I may have seen it in dark brown too, but don't quote me. Also, the price at Raffaello Network IS a sale price.