I Want This One So Badly

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  1. [​IMG]


    Mr lau where are you (getting knee pads ready)
  2. Too cute!!
  3. LOL!!
    (It is gorgeous)
  4. Wow, gorgeous bag and gorgeous picture....love all the creams and beiges.... it's a pretty visual.
  5. Hiaks hiaks hiaks!
  6. strange.. i cant see anything!
  7. It sure is a beauty! I love the color!
  8. neither can i.
    thought it was my aol server
    or maybe cause i use a mac.
  9. I can't see either, and I use a mac as well.
  10. Wow!! Very Nice!
  11. Can't see pics either......I'm on a mac too..............
  12. Same with me (mac user - no pictures):confused1:
  13. Mac and no pics...boo hoo.
  14. ...well.........it's gotta be pretty dang nice..........