I want this MJ bag

  1. I've always wanted a Marc Jacobs bag but heard how heavy the bag is. Now MJ's bag are made lighter and I just want one now!
    What does everyone think of this one? Yes or No ?:love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Ohhh this is sooo cute! I love to have one of this handbags too, but either the white, black or the red color! ;)
  3. That is gorgeous!
    Great color and I love the chain strap.
  4. Oooh, I love this bag. The color is great!
  5. The bag is really cute, but the chain straps do hurt after a while with usage. Also, the bag is still relatively heavy, mostly because of the chain. I don't think I would use it as an everyday bag, but the color is TDF in person.
  6. It's cute! I love the color, but it does look like the straps would bother after a while.
  7. Second that. I had the banana hobo, but returned it because the chain straps really dug into my shoulder.
  8. :s aw shucks! thanks for the info. i'll have to reconsider purchasing this bag. So is all MJ bags still heavy?
  9. I say Yes :biggrin: That blue is very hot this spring and there were lot's of clothes and bags in that color in the fall collections
  10. I love my quilted MP, but I agree, I don't wear it as often because of the chain straps. I use it more for short errands or for going out to dinner.
  11. Definitely a stunner! Curious about the size of the pockets. Are they the same size as the small or large MP?
  12. The color is just gorgeous !! I say buy it !!!
  13. I believe they are the same size as the (small) MP.
  14. ITA! The straps are definitely not comfy, but the color is gorgeous! This bag is actually pretty heavy too.
  15. Marc Jacobs always makes the most gorgeous blues.