I want this mini Lockit !!!

  1. They are so cute! :love: They are special edition items in Hong Kong~ anyone saw them in the U.S. before? [​IMG]
  2. I know, I want one, too! I just saw a multicolore one on karenkooper.com...but weren't these available for VIPs...?
  3. Those are soo cute!!

    They remind me of the Mini Icon piece that KathyD bought a couple weeks ago.
  4. they are so lovely :love:
  5. Yes, that is similar to mine, but I have the speedy.
  6. Didn't Kathy get one of these at an event recently?? Am I confusing PFers??? I know one of our ladies bought a mini & posted her SA's # in case anyone here wanted one. I am sooooooooooo jealous of her, it was cute & she got a black shawl to boot.
  7. I cannot believe it took me 10 minutes to post that & Kathy posted before I even finished.:lol:
  8. They were available for purchase at the Icons Event for 1100Cdn each.
  9. It's sold out already! I just checked! OMG - did someone get it from tPF? :nuts: If you did, please post pics!
  10. I saw the minis in person...they are SO cute! The tiny speedy was so adorable but it was $900-something dollars. You can tell that a lot of work goes into making it...but it was just too much for me to spend for something not practical.
  11. I think they are adoreable...but would never spend the $... as a gift would be fab:yes: !
  12. :nuts: They are adorable...but not the price.:sad: BTW it's for sale in our boutique (Aus)and you don't have to be a VIP:graucho:
  13. I think for the MC you need to get it from Paris though. Not sure if there's a black one tho - that would be soooo cute! :love:
  14. I wished it's below $300 price range..love to collect each icon...
  15. I was refering to the ones in the pic.(mono and nomade). I didn't see the MC ones so you might be right. BTW there's only one Nomade Steamer left if anyone's interested.( about USD$1300 after conversion)