I Want This Gracie But...

  1. I am having second thoughts because this seller has a lot of outrageous prices for all their LV pieces.Is this too much for this bag, does anyone know the retail for this item? :upsidedown:
  2. Hmm where's the linky-poo?
  3. I don't think there is any other place where you can find a new Black MC Gracie this time...maybe if you check with 1-866 they might have another one..I think the retail is somewhere close.. $2200 I think?
  4. It looks real and she's a MPRS. Sorry I've no idea what the retail was:shrugs:
  5. Nice but 5 prefere the fall winter 2004 with the monogram velours and the aligator trim, the mix is fierce! :heart: I love the black and also the green. It's also even more beautiful IRL

  6. MiroirPrincess , i love that bag too :P
  7. i looked at a picture of that bag and that song "i think i love you" by david cassidy went ringing through my head.:upsidedown: :girlsigh:
  8. I've bought from this seller and she was completely trustworthy if that helps. I also think that bag is fierce
  9. thats a great bag! khoipond is right about the retail. it was around $2,200 or more. I remember it was 1700 Euros when I was in France in 2005. I went for the Audra instead and I regret it! Maybe you can email the seller and ask her to end the auction so she will save Ebay's final value fee so you can get a discount but then the transaction will be completed off Ebay. My friends have purchased from her and they didn't have any problems. Good Luck!
  10. Its absolutely gorgeous! It is expensive, but if you want a brand new one, or one at all for that matter, this may be the only route to go.
  11. I know this color is to die for, but I doubt I'll have any luck finding any?
  12. Thats a really nice bag. But I :heart: the velour!!
  13. One can only hope...
  14. The MC is not really for me. It looks somewhat out of place - the style with the canvas selection.

    I'm more of a fan of the Gracie in Mono Velours.

    It is sooooo :yahoo: hot ! I like the Green one because it compliments my clothing best and I think it'll be perfect for my fall attire.

    Even now, I'm already thinking about the fall :graucho: