I want this Edith Satchel-ish Bag!!

  1. NMV7846_mp.jpg Does anyone have this beautiful Edith??

    I love the whiskey color and the size looks perfect (I love big bags!)

    I just saw it at NM.com and they call it the Edith Satchel. I think it's TDF, but I want to see it IRL. Anyone have pics?? Do you think it could fit over the shoulder??

    Thanks Chloe experts!:yes: :yahoo:
  2. I just bought this one and I *love* it! I wouldn't have bought it had I just seen pictures of it.. but I went in Neimans to buy the Paddington, and they actually had this one right on the floor.

    I had to have it. It fits on my shoulder nicely.
  3. Such a beautiful bag.
  4. What are the measurements of this bag? Thank you !!!
  5. Hooray for you, photomamma24! Please post pics because this looks like the perfect bag for me too! :smile: Did you get the whiskey color??
  6. I just saw this in store and was surprised that the straps were much shorter looking than in the above photo or the one on neimanmarcus.com where the model has it over her shoulder. Unless they've done one exactly the same with shorter straps (!?) this is not a shoulder bag for an average person. Especially with a coat on.
    But your experience may be different.

    I considered this bag and had it on preorder but cancelled. I'd advise that you do see it in person to make your decision. Undoing the snaps and then unzipping it seems like a lot work to get into it. I assume they're snaps. I didn't even bother to undo, I was no longer interested when I saw the proportions.
  7. I saw this at Nieman Marcus today and tried it on. If I were still in school I would def. snatch this baby up! It is soooooooo cute and fit on my shoulder perfectly. Adorable, adorable, adorable!!!
  8. ^^It does have a "bookbag" appeal! I'd love to see photo's from those that have purchased it!
  9. Kitskats - can you believe they aren't even snaps but fully functioning buckles again????!!!! I was surprised the second generation of Ediths didn't get fixed with magnetic closures under faux-buckles like Mulberry especially since so many original Edith owners don't really use the front pocket due to the buckles. It would be a major chore to get into this bag esp if you don't like the looks with the buckles undone. Too bad, cuz it IS gorgeous!!
  10. Oh dear, that's just too much work to get in there. And then you have to unzip too. Unless... just unzipping provides some reasonably easy access through the side. Another one I love in photo but not IRL.
  11. The first set of buckles actually does have a magnetic snap underneath.

    What I do... I unzip the side, and pull out my Porte Tresor LV wallet...and all is good. That is the only item that I usually need to get out right away. Anything other than that...(Like make-up...etc...) I don't need to get out in a hurry.

    I have a few different bags, and I literally get stopped at least 3-4 times from people who either want to know where I got this purse.. or from someone who say's.. "Is that the new Edith bag?" So it is a eye-catcher.

    Stormy, I will measure it for you.

    Marclover, I will take some pics for you! As a pro-photog, it would be a refreshing change to take pics of a purse vs. a human!

  12. so cute! but i'm lazy with buckles and such. I'd end up carrying my cash in my pocket!
  13. It is gorgeous!
  14. The bag I saw, yes there is a magnetic snap under the center of the flap just like Edith's front pocket, but not under the buckles themselves to make the buckles more decorative and quick to open.... you still had to undo the buckles or leave them undone to get into the bag. Is yours different? :flowers:
  15. No... its the same, but like I said above..I unzip the side and pull out my wallet (which isn't that small...) and I am fine. If I need to get all the way into the purse...Im usually not in a hurry...so undoing the buckles wasn't an issue...

    BUT...this isn't my main bag either so that could be why it doesn't bother me! I don't care for fake buckles...but if it were my main bag...I probably would feel differently!