I want this dog!

  1. Hihi! I want this dog sooo badly! She's a maltese shih tzu. I saw it in a newspaper classifieds section. Too bad my mom is allergic :sad:. I felt like I needed to share her with you guys!
  2. There are dogs that irritate allergies less than others because their fur is closer to human hair-try Googling-I think they are poodles and bichons.
  3. cute dog! and i have that exact duck...weird
  4. I thought that bichon frisee was the one dog that's best for allergic people?


    IMO one of the best looking dogs too! The look like marshmellows and are awfully cute! Usually they are very well behaved too.

  5. Shih tzus and Maltese are in that group too. I am allergic to dogs and have a shih tzu ( see avatar).
  6. OMG she is adorable!
  7. serious?! I gotta do some convincing again! Thanks!
  8. Omgosh!!! She is so tiny, she's soooo cute and adorable!! I just want to hug her!
  9. She is cute a cute puppy!
  10. indeeeeeeed!
  11. aww! such a cute pup!
  12. This is very true. I was just at the pet store and they had a list of recommended doggies for sensitive ppl. The Shih tzus and Maltese are in the recommended group for those suffering from allergies.
  13. Ohhhhh she/he's soooooo ADORABLE!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :yes:
  14. It's such a cutie!!! Just look at those eyes!!! :love:
  15. cute, i hate 'designer dogs' though. like others said, bichons, poodles, and other curly haired dogs are about as close to hypoallergenic as one can get.