i want this collab!!!

  1. i was thinking about collaborations yesterday, and realized that Tokidoki + Tarina Tarantino would be the coolest collaboration EVER!!

    can you imagine huge chunky necklaces with adios and bastardino on the medallions?

    they both have a similar fan base as well, and tokidoki could gain more celeb fans, as sooooo many celebrities slave over tarina.

    i'm going to email tokidoki.it about it, if you think this would be awesome you should do the same!
    you never know!
  2. i made an example, gonna do 2 more:
    toki tarina.jpg
  3. your example is so cute!!!! i really want a necklace like that now!!!!!!!!!

    my wallet would be in major trouble if that collab ever happened...:push:
  4. Yes, that would be too cute, but the price I'm sure would be :push:. One of the reasons I don't own any from the Hello Kitty/Tarina Tarantino is because of the price tags since all my funds are going to Toki bags these days.

    I'm going to need a few months after the LeSportsac/Toki collaberation ends to recover and actually start saving money instead of spending it *lol*.

    ...And I need to stop looking at old prints for sale trying to find that perfect placement and perfect style bag. :lecture:
  5. i think that would be a cute collaboration, but i agree the prices for those items would be just as much as it cost to buy a bag! i'm w/Angelic & looking forward to the end of Toki this year.
  6. i would love it....i'm dreading the end

    they would probably be about the same as the bags.....small TT items go for like $30-40 and larger are like $250. but then again, some collectors have like 40+ bags!
    btw here's another, yay!
    bast tara.jpg
  7. OMG I want that adios necklace!!! :heart::nuts::drool::yes::heart:

    You should send these pix to Simone for sure. Yeah, the prices would be kinda high compared to current toki jewelry, but I think it would be well worth it. Plenty of Tarina's stuff is under $100, and the price range is similar to the bags ($100-$300 for most things) so I could definitely see myself buying a piece of Toki/Tarantino jewelry each month instead of a bag, once the toki/LS collaboration ends.

    Plus, you can wear several pieces of jewelry at once, every day, whereas you can't carry ALL your toki bags at one time, so people might get more use out of the jewelry vs the bags.
  8. you do know you area genius.

    forget tarina. you should get in contact with mr. legno and make them yourself!!
  9. hahaha! I just sent Simone a really long email about it....i hope something good comes out of it.
  10. this one is a little harder to see because i changed the color...

    has anyone ever tried to contact tokidoki.it before? do you know if they get back to you ever?
    NHK02FH5Siam_detail copy.jpg
  11. OK, just stop now *lol*. I :heart::heart::heart: that Latte necklace!;)
  12. Agreed!! It would be the neeecole/Tokidoki collaboration. I think you're really onto something! :tup:

  13. I emailed them once and they got right back to me, so hopefully you'll hear from them soon!

  14. that is so cute :drool: id buy that regardless of the price lol

    i handnt herd of TT before now but after checking out the site, the stuff is RELY cute (but rely $$$ =X)
    that would be an interesting calb.
  15. that is really cute!!! i hope you'll hear from him soon ;)