I WANT THIS, But the Seller is...

  1. ...FRIGGIN' RIDICULOUS!!! I know some of you have purchased from eBay sellers "thehuangfamily" and made comments about loving them, but I think their prices are ridiculously inflated and I HATE that - plus, they're not really open to bargaining.

    Anyway, this wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that they have the ONLY Cherry Blossom Mini Agenda on eBay - fake or otherwise - and I've decided that I want one as an address book. They want $425! I sent a message asking if they'd consider a lesser price and the chick who wrote back said she'd do $400 if I bought it outside of eBay. Ummm...considering I'd be paying by money order and therefore save her the 3% fee PayPal charges when you accept a payment, is that the best she can do???

    I'm torn. I want this piece but I can't swallow paying almost twice the original price, discontinued piece or not. :hrmm:

    See it here:

  2. If you really don't wanna spend the money, don't buy it. I think it's very pretty and it's worth it in the long run, if you ever decided to part with it, you could probably make your money back and thensome.
  3. It's cute, but IMO there prices are way too high!
    I'd wait - or maybe contact let-trade or another MPRS and ask if he has one?
    Good luck!
  4. is the thehuangfamily sell authentic items..:hrmm: i noticed that she using the same pics again and again......
    i have my eye on that brand new cerise speedy :love: but...:hrmm: .just not so sure abt it coz of the same old pic's :Push:
  5. It is a beautiful piece though
  6. If it doesn't feel right to you then maybe you shouldn't get it. Try to be patient....I'm sure you'll find a better deal.
  7. where does this seller get all their limited pieces? are they just very speculative when they were available and bought many items to sell for profit? its amazing how many beautiful and rare pieces they have!
  8. i think i might just buy it now too, its sooo cute, but than again i would have to work harder towards the manhattan GM. damn!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i agree. thehuangfamily do have a lot of LE items but their prices are honestly way too high!

    if you don't feel comfortable about spending that much on it .. don't buy it. they do pop up once in awhile on ebay ..
  10. wow, their prices are insane! i'd wait, another one will pop up on ebay
  11. Yep...this seller and a handfull of other sellers have ridiculously high prices. I would never buy from either of them. Of course this is my opinion. I know that they do well or they wouldn't be pricing their items so high. I guess some would pay whatever they have to for discontinued items. To each their own :smile:
  12. If you are questioning it, then go with your gut. If you have second thoughts, then maybe it isn't the one for you. I'm only saying that because their prices are absolutely ridiculous and maybe one will come along that is priced right! Goodluck whatever your decision.
  13. Probably because nobody buys it because of the ridicoulus prices :yucky:
    I think they are legit.
  14. It's a sellers market for those who have the limited edition pieces we want... It's up to you, but I think it's really cute!
  15. Yep, another seller with ridiculous prices is LUXURIANA. I mean, if you're going to pay them more than you'd pay at the boutique, why buy on eBay at all?