I want this belt!!!! but i have a couple of ?'s

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  1. In case a swap won't work.... H will cut it down to size for you (this is a complimentary service). I have had it done two times.
  2. Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks for the information. :yes:
  3. Thanks Rose, that's good to know! The only problem I have is that I live in the Hinterland and I am not sure my next store (Vienna, Austria) has the capacity to do it. I need a portable Claude! I think I'll call Vienna and see what they suggest....

    Welcome back Tokyogirl!!!!
  4. If Vienna can't cut it down, they can probably at least punch in a few extra holes for you, so you can still wear the belt.

    I've had a hard to find belt cut down to my size, and later had extra holes punched in.
  5. Fleur, Mr Claude kindly punched another hole in my H belt....so if you get it a little large, you can always make it into a smaller fit.

    It's a beautiful style....I wear mine often and as for cost, it's a lot less than my other belts so I thought it was a bargain:yes:
  6. I love the etrieve belt the best
    but this one is gorgeous too
    H here in Bond Street will only add one more hole , they will not add anymore as they say it detracts from the design
    there right
    hope you get the belt and love it