I want this belt!!!! but i have a couple of ?'s

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  1. I have a red/black w/paladium combo. They are always available at the boutique here.
  2. The length of the entire belt is 95 cms. Measure your hips/waist and then take it from there.
  3. i'm a 12 and i wear a 90. i could probably use a 95 actually. i never knew they let you pic the buckle. omg. i was just thinking i wanted this belt this am...
  4. Fab belt!!!! I have one in the black box/chocolate Togo colorway with a brushed Palladium buckle and wear this belt the MOST! You can find these in the stores most of the time and I highly recommend one!!!!!
  5. Is this belt called the Unisex belt or does it have a specific name?
  6. I have this belt in both palladium and gold hw...I wear them constantly. The most comfy belts ever. The size range is quite wide and goes from very small to very large. I am sure you could find one without a problem.
  7. I believe it is called the Constance (not the mini constance which is thinner). Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  8. It is called the "H" belt. The Constance belt looks similar but is a bit wider and less readily available.
  9. HLFin: wanna swap? I've outshrunk my 95.... black box/gold togo one.... what colour is yours again?
  10. I just got one in black/BJ. I really love it! When I contacted Luxury Zurich they only had gold buckles, but you should send them a note.

    The fact that it's reversible makes the price justifiable, right?
  11. we can justify anything!!
  12. Agreed! I must admit... I've been hunting for just the strap so I can get even more use out of the buckle. (Ever buy one thing to justify purchase of other thing? Yikes!)
  13. Oh, and Fleur, when considering sizes, I've been using the 1st hole when just wearing the belt at natural waist, the 3rd when looped into jeans and the 4th when sort of hip slung over a cardigan over a t-shirt over jeans...
  14. Oh, heck yes....we can indeed justify anything!!!! And as I said on another thread, switzerland purchases are exempt from all bans. Until LZ opens their Paris location, then that is exempt as well.