I WANT this bag!!!!

  1. if NM would just reduce it $100 more, it could be mine!!!!!!
    IF quiltedhobo.jpg
  2. pretty :yes:
  3. for a hundred dollars if you want it that much could you not stretch that final amount - it trully is gorgeous
  4. i just bougt a kooba paige & a bulga within the last month, but i could reason myself into buying it!!!!!
  5. That's a nice IF bag! Is there anything that you can think of that you could cut back on or do without in the coming month? Perhaps gourmet coffee on the go, special treats, going out to eat...etc? You might be able to "find" the money without feeling as if you spent too much on the bag...Just a thought...
  6. Nice, nice, nice! They have some good bags on sale--what frustrates me is the steep discounts on some and others aren't lowered all that much.
  7. I think it's very pretty. I didn't look to see what NM is selling it for, but pretty bags like that tend to go fast, I think. If they're having free shipping and it were me, I'd order it PDQ!