I want this bag!!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I fall in love with this baby. I don't know the name and style yet. Does anyone know? please help! And how much for this baby? Still sell in the shop?

    TIA :heart:
  2. Biba Guccissima hobo, large size. Discontinued just this past June. There were small ones at the Gucci outlets a few weeks ago. Give them a call, they ship.
  3. i'm not so sure but....it looks like a Biba bag. Please correct me ladies if i'm wrong. It's a cute bag. You should try the outlets, they might have it there.
  4. right on BEE!!!! ;) you're always soooooo on top of it! hehehee
  5. There is one in Cabazon outlet for $699, call them up! Check the outlet/sale info thread on top.
  6. I know, I need a life :lol: but I live a *Gucci life*!!!!!!!!
  7. $699???! OMG, that is SO CHEAP! Urgh if I wasn't on a quest for more Chanel I'd be calling them up!
  8. How many Chanels do you have? Don't you have a Birkin coming too? :p

    OP sorry for hijacking your thread.
  9. Now that's a LIFE!!!!! :yahoo:

    Man, that is cheap for that price. somebody grabe it pleaaase!!!
  10. That is a great bag for a great deal...don't let it get away!!!!
  11. The Secaucus, NJ Outlet had it for $749 last week in beige and pink. I didn't see it over the weekend though.
  12. Thank you very much for your answer, Beejerry, mzleah, kavnadoo and Gucci'down :winkiss:

    I would like to know where is Cabazon outlet? In USA? Anyone have their phone no.? Will they ship international? I'm in Thailand. I love this bag. it's soooo cute! I really want it!

    Thank you again for your help! :blush:
  13. I only have 1 Chanel, that's why I need more... :p
  14. Search within this thread: Post Info About Gucci Sales/OUTLET INFO Here!

    And yes they will ship overseas. I have called them before and they said they would ship to Australia. Seriously that is a REALLY good deal. It went for sale here (40% off) in June and was $1800 AUD. SO at 600+ USD that is really a bargain! :nuts:
  15. Thank you Kavnadoo, I will try to find it out there. :yes: