I want this bag!!

  1. I was browsing in Shopbop.com and i stumbled this gorgeus bag from gustto! and i want it :yahoo: Im from the Uk so im not familar with this brand!


    Sooo pricey..but gorgeus! have anyone got this? if so could you post pics and what kind of leather is the bag made out of? looks so smooshy but thick !!
  2. The link didn't work for me, but I know which bag that is. I don't have that particular color, but I've got 2 Gustto Bacas (one in dark wine and one in dark navy blue) and they are my absolute favorite bags! The leather is TDF. It's my gold standard now: every bag since those, I compare if they give me the same excitement or not. If not, I don't get it! Most Gusttos are made of soft, squishy leather. You can't go wrong with Gustto. They used to have really hideous yellow lining, but they've changed it now. You will love it!