i want this bag...what's it called?

  1. I love this color and I've been told its dark gold and also dark bronze.

    I found htis in the reference section. If anyone knows the proper name and when it came out please help/

    Also is it possible to still get it anywhere? :drool:

  2. technically it's called dark gold - but people referred to it as bronze. This bag sold out very quickly, not many were ordered by the boutiques. The only place to get it now is in the resale market. I believe it was pre-fall 2006 and I recall purchasing mine in either May or early June 2006.
  3. bag is referred to as a Reissue.

  4. oh silly goose:p I knew that. LOL. I should have clarified. i knew it was a reissue but i was not sure of the technical color name.

  5. sorry! You didn't say you wanted color only. . . even now when I re-read it
    I still read it as you want the name of the bag.

    Sorry!:shame: I never take for granted that someone may know!

  6. I know. You are so sweet. thanks..:heart::tup:
    A few months ago I didnt even know what a reissue was.....this forum is a great tool.

    I'm glad you said it was a reissue anyway.....for the newbies who don't know ;)
  7. That's a really gorgeous colour, and it's also the same colour responsible for starting me on my love for reissues! BAD BAG...
  8. it's gorgeous, are you getting one!?

  9. I wish. have not been able to find that color.