I WANT THIS BAG!!!! (Prada Cerv Antik)

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  1. I know the finish hurts the bag...but I STILL LOVE IT!!!:yahoo:

    Anyone know where in the world I can get my hands on this bag!?

    I prefer the Shoulder bag but would also rock the hobo shown 3rd.

    Thanks all!

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  2. PP how do you do that?! ...ask and you shall receive....all hail the Queen!!!

    Gimmethatbag did you get it?!?!?
  3. I saw it at fashionphile as well, and I would have bought it immediately - but I already own the one from the 1st two pics. :nuts:
    The price was great for this cervo antik, they rarely appear on ebay, and the authentic ones are expensive, I paid tons of money for mine. ;)

    I loooooove this bag, it is great, hope you´ve got it!!! :smile: