I want these shoes!

  1. Really cute! except for the leopard print ones...those are disgusting.
  2. I want the black or brown for casual wear
  3. I like the chocolate/wine ones!
  4. I like those too, but I want a higher heel casual shoe? Have you seen any others?
  5. Those are cute!
  6. omg.. the leopard are horrible... the others are good
  7. oooh I think they are very cute!
  8. I really like them, I bought these Miu Miu's last winter but these look way better
  9. Love em!
  10. I totally adore those VS platform loafers (I even like the leopard. Am I the only one?). In fact, right before seeing this post I was surfing Bloomingdale's online and these caught my eye. Very similar.
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