I want the ponyhair lily ...............

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  1. So bad!!!

    Why is it so expensive for such a small bag - sigh :girlsigh:
  2. Is it the one called giant leopard haircalf or camel haircalf you want?
    Not that it matters, as they're both £1000! :weird:

    Are you considering getting it? =)
  3. Oh, it is lovely CB, but agree so so expensive. I also love the one with the leopard on the front.
  4. ^ Yep thats the one I like Fig. They had it in Harrods and I had a stroke of it, then almost had a stroke when I saw the price ;)

    Thea, I adore it but it is just too much for a small bag.

    Dreaming it will end up at an outlet, even tho I never go to the outlets lol ;) !!!!!

    I hate Mulberry prices now
  5. Chloe, well done for starting a thread, we need some bag chat!

    I agree it is a gorgeous looking bag. I think we are thinking of the same bag, the one with the leopard's back showing on the front of the bag. It is sort of camel and black leopard print. I love it too but I have not even let myself stop to consider it as it is just too highly priced for something so tiny. Ok, so your gorgeous pink leopard alexa was very expensive but that one was a large handbag so it felt a lot more justifiable, iykwim.

    There have not been many 'this season' reveals on here this time round. I think that a lot of us are feeling that the prices are creeping too high......... Xx
  6. I just looked at the website and love the alexa in the black leopard
  7. This one? It's very cute.... and I agree v.expensive for a teeny weeny bag :biggrin:

    Maybe it'll go half price in the sale?

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  8. Yep, that is absolutely obscene. That should be priced at 150 the same as the iphone cases, maybe 199 max because of the embellished chain - and even then I wouldnt buy it :P Its crap!
  9. Yep, thats the one Tigger, thanks for finding the pic :smile:

    Half price is the price point it should have started at tho, you can see how small it is !
  10. The leopard lily is a lot smaller than alexa, so i agree that £495 would have been about right. Xx
  11. No I agree I couldn't and won't justify it for such a small bag :nuts::nuts:
  12. I love that bag too!!

    But don't understand why it is called a Lily, it has the shape and chain like the Margaret, I think.

    I think you should get it chloe, and then you can take LOTS of pictures and show us :P
  13. ^^
    You can get two suede leopards for the price of the pony hair lily so go for it ;)
    Agree that the prices are getting obscene. And like iwanb said, not many new seasons reveals this time around...