I want the Panda but OUCH the price...Help?

  1. I think eBay is the only place right now.:sad:
  2. oooooooh! go for it !!!! it's a LE item!!!!
  3. have you tried 866-vuitton?
  4. i read on here that there is one in a store in illinois. other than that your only bet is ebay!
  5. I want this to. Its too cute. I guess ill have to settle for the round groom (which ive just fallen ilove with)
  6. Just scan eBay for them, a lot of times they sell for around $135.
  7. Go on LV's website and look up the store located in Oakbrook, Illinois. They had one about 3 weeks/month ago in the store. Good luck:smile:
  8. yeah try to call the 800 number
  9. If not you can order it from the Munich store I'm very sure they still have some of them left for 100 Euros which is about 130$. Good luck!
  10. I try first to buy my fringe speedy from london and paris over the phone but it didn't work they can't do it.