I want the Paddington in the Aubergine colour!!

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  1. NO Soliciting Sales
  2. oh dear wat happened?
  3. The color looked greyish on their pictures online so I called to verify the colour and by the time they got back to me the next day it was sold out.

    The funny thing is that I verified it was Aubergine from all the posting on this forum and not from them. Infact, the saleslady was insisting it was greyish black and thats what they called Aubergine in this case!!!
  4. Oh no.. poor monda_danya, I hear ya! I too had some trouble trying to find out a color of a Paddy and they hung up on me twice!! Well, just like you, I was this close to ordering one (had it in my shopping cart) and then was told no longer available when I tried to complete my order.

    Well, at least they still have the tobacco one!! (And heck! I made sure I got one this time!! Just got a shipping confirmation from NAP! yay~) But I couldn't find the dove one anymore.. maybe that's gone too. So better act quick this time girl!!!

    ps. If you do find someone who's selling more than one Aubergine.. let me know too (more paddy, more happy) :yahoo:
  5. Mona,
    I know its hard to trust net a porter after your experience, but they might get some returned if the colour isnt what some people want.
    It is possible to email customer services and ask to go on a wait list if any are returned.

    Its always worth an email, they had a fair few that have sold, you might get lucky.
  6. hee hee chicky, I was thinking the same thing. We should all send them a best offer price for the exact price that they paid for it, let them know that we ALL know they are overcharging :biggrin: ;)
    shall we?
  7. LOL!!! All at once??:roflmfao:



    Go!!:lol: :yahoo:
  8. Chicky...mine was more than £407....more like £464 plus P&p
  9. I tried putting in an offer right over the NAP price and it was immediately declined.
  10. NO selling or buying in the PF(unless you are a MP member..)PLEASE read the PF RULES!!!!
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