i want the MC priscilla,but im not sure...

  1. im not sure bcuz the natural cowhide is everywhere on the bag! i dont really care if the handle goes darker but the cowhide in front of the bag! :crybaby:

    so this mite b a stupid question but wat makes cowhide turns darker?(beside the sweat on our hands that cause the handles go dark.)

    i think it'll look UGLY if the cowhide on the bag,priscilla,turn dark!:shrugs:

  2. Sunlight & heat (patina process), water (BAD!!), and if the leather is very new, using a leather conditioner/protector may turn it a little darker, but I haven't tried this yet, I've only read about it somewhere.
  3. If you live in thailand the sun will speed up the patina process
  4. how about singapore or australia?
  5. The sun and heat will cause the patina to develop. Patina will develop over time. There is nothing you can do to prevent the patina process. There are ways to slow it, but not totally prevent it. If you want the bag, buy it and enjoy it.
  6. sorry but you can't prevent it from getting darker.It will happen eventually, air, heat, sunlight, humid..all those factor changes the color of the leather.Just keep it in its dust bag in a darker and dry area of the house when not in use. or choose another style of bag with not much cowhide leather i liked priscilla the first time i saw it but it made me think twice also because of the straps in front.It's stiff and has a small opening and not too appealing IRL,in my opinion..
  7. wat if i only carry it when i walk in department store? is it still going to make the cowhide straps at the front change colour? bcuz i think in department store isnt hot,no heat,no sunlight? :smile:
  8. actually i like the trouville more,not that much cowhide.but i tried it before and think that it's a lil bit hard to get stuff in and out.
  9. The white mc actually looks good with darkened patina.
    The heat and sun will help darken the handles along with the natural oils of your hands.
  10. If you are worried about patina turning...DONT GET ONE!! Its just not possible to prevent it.
  11. :yes:
  12. If you walk around with it in a department store for half an hour, the cowhide will not change colour.

    However, prolonged exposure to indoor lighting - eg, several hours a day everyday for the next 4 weeks - will change the cowhide colour somewhat.
  13. the natural oils in your hands will start the color change.

  14. It's a cute style, kinda of that bowling bag look. But I agre if you don't want it patina'ed don't get it.
  15. i love the priscilla, but if you hate the patina, I'd choose a diff bag. you can slow the patina process by using the bag less, and protecting and always keeping it in a cool dark place in it's dust bag will be okay