I want something in Azur!

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  1. Hi everyone, i'm kind of new to the LV forum & have recently been quite addicted because I keep coming here on this site, lol. You guys are so knowledgable!

    Now that spring is on its way, I want something lighter in color. I'm thinking of either the Azur Galliera or Speedy 30. I can't decide which would be better though. I've wanted a speedy for a while but always hesitate because it is so common. Also, not sure if I will eventually get annoyed of a hand held bag. The Galliera is gorgeous but it doesn't seem as casual as the speedy (i don't dress up very often, i'm usually in jeans & sneakers). And, my other bags are also shoulder bags with an open top.

    What do you guys think? TIA :smile:
  2. Speedy 30 and cles :smile: Personally i think the galliera looks better in the monogram.
  3. speedy 30 is a classic and must have! if you want something casual and worn on the shoulder.. what about the saleya? it has a zipper closure.
  4. I don't think Azur Speedy is really common... And it looks great and casual...
    Get the Speedy, a Zippy Coin purse and a Cles in Azur... It would be as much as a Galliera PM
  5. Heh heh..if you want something with more **whoompph** get the galliera. If you want something that is more timeless, get the speedy :biggrin:
  6. How about the new Azur tote coming out this Spring called Totally? Another option is the Saleya PM.
  7. i love the saleya ! since the azur comes with vachetta... i'd pick a shoulder bag instead so less time is spent on the hands..
  8. Galleria in Azur is just too hot! I vote for Galleria!
  9. Same here!
  10. I love the Saleya too! It's such a comfortible bag, very good to open and not so often to see like the Speedy. I'm not a fan of the Galliera..