I want something Hermes

  1. Hi everyone.
    I have never boughten any thing Hermes before. But I have gotten an itch and must buy something. I do not have a Boutique near me, So I will have to order it over the phone.
    I need some idea on something small to buy. :tup:
    I would love a small case or wallet.
    Thank you for your help ;)

    Please post pics if you can
    Thank you so much
  2. If you could tell me the price that would be great.
  3. Hi! Did you have a price range in mind?
  4. ^^^^^$400 and under.I am on a budget. Sorry
  5. How about a Le24 coin purse (around $300) or a Ulysee notebook
  6. I have a Ulysse Agenda which I find very handy. It comes with a variety of different inserts (I think even with calendar insets, but I must check). It's one of the most reasonably priced items (I think it was around $120). It is available in a yummy selections of colors (I have blue jean, togo).

    Another suggestions would be the 24 coin purses, clarisse PM.... hmmm let me think some more, I am sure others will come up with some excellent suggestions...
  7. Hi CB... we posted at the same time!!
  8. CB, I think the Ulysse itself was under $200 (must check.....).
  9. LOL Rose...:tup: I like your suggestions! hehe I edited mine when I saw yours...hey that really was an H bargain then! ;)
  10. ^^ I love yours!!
  11. Some suggestions:
    -Ulysee notebook
    -Card case (my Darwin was $280)
    -Clarisse (been wanting one myself- think it's abit over $400 though)
    -a scarf is $325
  12. tg, let us know what H goodie you decide to get. :smile:
  13. How about H Scarves? Leather charm? Cadena? Something in sterling silver?
  14. I bought an H Kelly Bag charm bracelet in sterling silver yesterday. It's very cute.
  15. There are usually a nice selection of cadenas to choose from.