I want some black pumps-help me choose!

  1. Please tell me if you like any of these:




  2. ^^ I like #2 and #3.
  3. i like # 2 the best then 3. let us know what you decide on.
  4. I like number 1...and I know this is going to sound crazy, but I like the front of number two, but the heel of number3

  5. i agree with you there-i really like the rounded toe of number 2-but, somewhat prefer the heel shape of number 3.
  6. I pick #2 - very cute!!!!!!!!
  7. Well-I also decided that number 2 was the best by far and when I went to order it-they don't have my size-ARGH! :hysteric:

    back to the drawing board :sad:
  8. I like 3 best.
  9. I like the third pair the best. It has a slightly pointed toe which elongates the leg. (I'm five-one so I stay away from rounded toes.)
  10. OOh-I never thought of that! I am 5'1" also. Number 3 is out of stock and more aren't expect for 4-6 weeks. Oh well. Maybe it's not my time to buy black pumps
  11. I like the third pair, they're classic yet classy!
  12. #3 are my fav pair