I want sideswept bangs, but not a side part. is this possible?

  1. I want sideswept bangs without a side part, but ccant find any pictures to show my haidresser. can anyone help?
  2. Definately is, I just got one!
    I took in these pictures of Ashley Tisdale..


  3. ^Wow great find! That's definitely a cool cut.
  4. Cute, I want those bangs too!
  5. I actually had that exact same hairstyle earlier this year and am trying to get back to it. It is easy to do, even with curly hair like I have naturally.
  6. that's my hair right now too. i got the haircut in june and it's still growing out very well :smile: (if you are in NY go to robert kree!)
  7. Thank You SO much everyone!!
  8. iv got my hair like that too! im trying to grow my bangs to the same length as the rest of my hair but every time it gets past my nose i get sick of it and have it cut again.
  9. I was gonna do this hairstyle but I got scared. I've always had a longer bangs than this. I will definetly show this picture to my hairstylist.
  10. I really like this cut but how do you keep the bangs styled like that all day long?
  11. My hairstyle is like Ashleys. It is actually very easy to do. I just use a little hairspray to keep my bang swide-swept all day, and I make sure not to touch my bangs throughout the day as much as I can. After having my side swept bangs for awhile my bangs are used to it and almost naturally want to go to the side.
  12. I've only had mine like it a few days, but a little bit of hairspray & some wax keeps it like that all day. & I have a really bad cow's lick aswell, the hairdresser didn't even want me to get a fringe cos she thought it might just keep springing up & back the other way, LOL.
  13. I just got this hair cut! You have to blow dry the bangs in that direction to get them to stay. Then use hairspray to make it stick and !Voila! you have sideswept bangs!
  14. I think im going to try this hair style too, My bangs are that long and kinda flat looking. Ill give it a shot.
  15. little tip i learned in hair school years ago....when you blow dry your bangs blow dry them first the opposite way you want them to stay to get volume and then blow dry them the way you want them to stay and do this back and forth a couple times...its helps to keep them straight with a little bit of volume!!!