I want Sac plat cherry. over reasonable price

  1. :sad: i try to search on net for sac plat cherry..
    on eBay .. price was too high..

    anyone know.. where i can fidn reasonable price.
    i want to have one so much..

    Thxs,,,in advance
  2. I must say...really think about it, jmho, but I think this was not a very usefull bag. Way too flat to use for much more than papers.
  3. thxs twinkle..

    i think the same.. but i stillw ant to have it for my daily work\\

    anyone know pls help/// me get one
  4. eBay? how bout a speedy or a bucked let-trade.com have both...

  5. i ve speedy and monogram bucket:yes:

    :crybaby: want sac plat cherry..
  6. ebay .. extremly.... expensive.. over reasonable price
  7. Zzzzzzzzzz
  8. I think ebay would be your best bet.
  9. Yup, eBay is def. your best bet right now... :sad:
  10. Don't buy it on eBay at the crazy prices - it just encourages sellers to keep jacking their prices up.

    Thought I disagree about the Sac Plat not being useful enough, it's actually a great bag because it expands!

    Try to be patient... wait for let-trade or eBay to have a reasonable price one!
  11. thxs.. all

    i wont crazy buy on ebay., it abosolute crazy price..
  12. Why don't you contact let-trade and tell him you are looking for one? He might be able to find one for a good price!
  13. I got it Today...
    not so first hand used.. but i dont mind..
    i jsut want to have it for daily use..

    i ll show u pix later..

    Thxs everyone