I Want Punch!

  1. Does anybody know if this wallet will be offered in magenta/pink? I don't understand why they make all of these lovely pink/magenta/punch bags and don't offer wallets in those lovely colors. The only color I've seen is the punch/orange legacy french purse but honestly that wallet would have sold out long ago minus the orange trim. I need a wallet!
    I know this one is meant to match the madison bags, it also comes in green! However, I heard the madison was coming out in pink!

    Perhaps this one in punch?
    This would be nice in Punch as well. Especially since they made an agenda in punch, why not an awesome little wallet with an ID case.
  2. to be more exact, there should be a wallet to match this bag...
  3. How cute, love it with the scarf ! Maybe khaki and punch wallet would match. I bet you could find something in the outlet or on eBay to match.
  4. What about the legacy striped french framed wallet with the stripes on the outside. it wouldn't match but it would coordinate !
  5. thanks for the suggestions! I really need a wallet with an ID case and I would rather it not be signature as I don't have any signature. I don' tknow why I don't, I think I just really like leather.
  6. I believe they are sold out. :tdown:

    However, they are lowering prices on all the stuff I have no desire to purchase!

  7. Um....OMG, I think I may be in love! I didn't see this in the catalog....thanks for posting pics!!!!!
  8. I've never even seen this bag, actually, so maybe it's only available on the Japan website? I'd call JAX and see what colors they have available in that wallet style. Goodluck!
  9. I did, only camel, black, and grass green
  10. You want punch? Here's a punch for ya:boxing: LOL I'm sorry, I had to!:greengrin:
  11. Did you ask about the Magenta madenline is she aval. in this color? The bleecker wallets have this color on the inside you could do black/pink combo.
    I have seen some one on this forum buy that for there magenta bleecker duffle.
  12. I haven't seen anything about the madeline being available in punch or magenta. I would love to have one but if its anything like the magenta duffle its just frustrating!!!