I Want Panda!

  1. every panda piece i see is just the cutest thing in the whole world! well, right next to my pet skunk. which is probally why im so nuts over panda. but i missed out, im a louis newbie, not to say that i haven't spend 5000 in the past year, but none of it on that line!

    we do not allow any buying or selling here, please do not ask for people to contact you w/ items for sale, it's strictly prohibited.
    TAKA1.jpg BigApp.jpg
  2. sorry you cant sell and buy on TPF, this will get closed :flowers:
  3. No selling except the Market Place but:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I love your pet! I didn't know you can have a skunk as a pet.:supacool:
  4. I hope this thread doesn't get closed. I want to know more about this skunk.
  5. Yeah there is no selling here, but I did hear skunks make good pets.
  6. my mom had a pet skunk when I was little. His name was Oreo (yeah I know, how original)
  7. I'm sorry, I hope this doesn't get closed! (Please!)
    I read the rules, but i missed the buying and selling part! Where is marketplace? I would like to know, especially if it is real LV!

    Skunks are awesome pets! They act like a cross between a great cat and a crazy ferret, without ANY animal smells! Not even bad breath! They don't drool or slobber like dogs,either. Tanaka is my baby! They get to be about as smart as 2yr olds, so....watch out. This animal is smarter than my boyfriend at times......
  8. Did you have the scent glands removed?
  9. Allison-
    you live in Louisville, so I am wondering are you are a climber? a female climber that still has a sense of feminity is rare. actually, I think I am the only one. The rest get kinda burly. Could use another female when we go to RRG, not far from you at all! Lucky Dog.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: . It is very cute:yes:
  11. i'm not much of a skunk person..sorry.. :shame:

    i like dogs..:smile:
  12. Yes. It is done when he is a baby. It's not the most humane thing, from what I hear, but it is better than the alternative. Which is being clobbered over the head, 1/2 dead, dead would be lucky for those guys, and skinned for others to wear. Yea. No.
    He is a fur farm rescue, and that alone makes him worthwhile. But he is just so awesome. Exept when he missed the litter box.
  13. oh I love him! Please post more pics...better yet...someone move this to Animalicious
  14. I love him........
  15. oh he's sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!