I want on of these

  1. What is that?

    My PDA lets me write on it too. I tend to type with my stylis though.
  2. I want one too !! What is it ? LOL
  3. Wow, that's a really small "whatever"! :blink: My eyes are already pretty bad and if I have to use one of this, I'll go blind trying to stare at the tiny screen. :lol:
  4. Ohhh I want 'one' too!!!
  5. neato bandito!
  6. Really!! Who makes it??? It's cool looking!!
  7. That's cool! My husband would love that! What is it?
  8. forget the gidget...who's the hottie?
  9. Cute :biggrin: I have something like that but never use it, for some reason I get tired of technology really fast!