I WANT Nicole Richie's Bangle

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  1. Anyone seen it anywhere?
    Rough price range?

    Im desperately looking for a big gold cuff.

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  2. big photo.

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  3. That's very nice! It's probably vintage... is it not? It looks vintage... Nicole Richie wears a lot of vintnage pieces.
  4. probably.

    and almost impossible to find.

    anyone know anything similar?
  5. That's so adorable! I've never seen it though! Nicole wears things so well. She's the reason I first fell in love with the vintage jumbo!
  6. I wonder where she gets her vintage pieces.
  7. Probably from consignment shops. I saw a similar one on a site recently- there is a Chanel reseller site that begins with an M- anyone know what it is?
  8. ^Malleries?
  9. She probably has the BEST personal shoppers who can locate anything for her. I know Rachel Zoe used to style her (until they had some issues)...but I feel like she probably can get a lot of really unique vintage items. :cloud9: ohhhhh the life!!!
  10. if anyone sees anything like it please PM me.

    one lovely person did but unfortunately it wasn't what i was looking for.

    how much would these pieces cost?

    im not from the us so my price thoughts will be way off.
  11. i went on malleries but none that i really want though.
    there was one i was considering but i'd rather wait for one i REALLY want.
  12. does anyone know the rough price range of bangles like this?
    current or vintage ones.
  13. Looks vintage, try Decades in LA that is where Rachel Zoe gets lots of her stuff.
  14. thanks!

    however i live in australia so it would have to be online.

    im just trying to figure out roughly how much it would cost....