i want new LV bags but.....

  1. I have yet to depreciate my bag fully to get the full worth of my money spent... :sweatdrop:

    BUT I am thinking of buying new LV bags already!:P

    What to do abt my old LV bag then :confused1:
  2. Tuck it away in the closet to use again in the future. Or pass it on to a best friend, your mom or sister. Or if you know you will never ever want to use it again, sell it. I tend to keep all of my bags just in case I want to use it sometime down the road. The only 2 bags I didn't keep I have regrets over having parted with them. One was my very first high end bag...a Fendi -- I hadn't used it in ages so I parted with it (gave it to Salvation Army no less!) and the other one was a brand new never used black Coach bag similar in shape to the LV Speedy's but it had both the short handles and a long detachable strap. I gave it to my Mom and you know, I don't even think she uses it. I have learned my lesson -- I make sure my bag is clean and empty, and store it in my closet for future use....just in case!
  3. Hi, may you'd resell it on eBay or Poupetteluxe.com. I'm starting to resell my bags, too by so much new bags :smile:
  4. :crybaby:i keep for limited and old bag that i dont like anymore.. EBAY
  5. keep it. it's definitely worth keeping....unless you hate your bag...which is kinda unlikely hehe
  6. I would say for you to keep it too - - it's something you can always go back to. I did give one to my mother though, she always wanted a LV and I was never using it so I figured it was better off being used than sitting in my closet.
  7. keep it and buy other ones as well...
  8. If you are not planning on using the bag you already own, sell it and put the $$$ towards a new one.
  9. Depends on how different they are, I don't know about you but everyone needs to change their bags around.
  10. I like to switch bags, so I will keep all of mine, unless there is something about it I dislike then I would sell it.
  11. i buy a new one when ever i want what just came out or i come across a d/c piece i want. i don't wait to use up the value of the first. they will all get used and properly loved. they just have to wait their turn.