I want my speedy 25 to sag

  1. How can I get my speedy 25 to sag. I love when they sag and look all sloppy. :p
  2. Put a lot of heavy things in it. It supposed to sag naturally right??
  3. ^ Yea it will do it natural, I swear there was a thread exactly like this a week ago??
  4. Oops sorry I didnt see it, let me find it;)
  5. I kind of disagree. I have a 25 from several years ago that I stuff completely full every time I carry it (which is fairly often) and it is still not saggy at all, whereas my 30's are starting to sag after much less time. I am starting to think the 25 is just less prone to sagging than the larger sizes.
  6. just squish it.
  7. i had a 25 and it sags...
    i think the key is to put small yet heavy items in it..
  8. try weights?