I want my red groom agenda back!

  1. After I exchanged him yesterday and put the money towards a denim pleaty on the way home I had such a bad case of buyers remorse. I could not sleep at all last night, so I called the store this morning and said I will be back to pick him up after work today. So, I am bringing back the denim pleaty, it is such a cute bag, but just too small for me and will be making another purchase. So my new question is which bag to get?, granted this is it for a long, long time. Some possibilities are a damier speedy 30, a mini lin speedy, new red reade pm, or lockit. If I get a bag in the $600.00 range, I can still get the red groom agenda and a red vernis cles. Any suggestions? I have a mono speedy 30, back pack, a mc noe and trouville. I do like hand held bags more than shoulder bags.
    Thanks for for help, again.
  2. If it were me, I'd still put it towards the Denim Mini Pleaty.. because that's what I'm purchasing next on my wishlist!!! LOL. Ever since I saw it in the boutique, I am obsessing to buy it. But if you think its too small, I'd go for the Damier Speedy! Good luck with your decision, and I think the Groom agenda is so cute too!
  3. I vote for the Damier speedy or the Mini Lin speedy....the Pomme d'Amour cles would look great with either one of those bags!! The Reade PM is kinda small in my opinion and you have to worry about the vaschetta bottom on the Lockit. Good luck deciding!:smile:
  4. Damier Speedy would be my choice out of those - will look great with your Groom agenda!
  5. damier speedy or LH :smile:
  6. love my groom pouchette wallet and the agenda is soo nice...welcome home groom agenda...right where you belong once more...
  7. I would go for the mini lin speedy. Love that bag!
  8. i love love love mini lin. in fact i may pick up a mini lin piece today too. ebut i also adore my damier speedy...
  9. Damier speedy!
  10. Damier speedy, groom and a cles!
  11. mmmmmm.. groom for sure (how COULD)
  12. hmmmmmmm.... Groom for sure (how could you let that go!!!!!), damier speedy and your beloved cles! that sounds like a trifecta!
  13. Keep the groom agenda and get the mini lin speedy!
  14. I'd pick either speedy....you can never go wrong with a Speedy!:yes: ;)
  15. Good choice to keep the groom, so cute and won't be around forever.
    I would get the damier speedy ( or the dumo if you like it which is my fave damier) or the lockit.