I want my pictures removed

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Jan 23, 2013
^I believe that even if the pictures are removed from threads on here, they remain on Google.


Dec 10, 2012
when they are deleted from imageshack and purseforum they will stay in the google cache (temporary storage) for a little while until google cleans it out. should be OK soon


Jan 23, 2013
Just FYI, but I have seen images remain on Google for 4 years and counting.... (a good friend of mine had some images removed that she posted on another forum and sadly, they still remain at the top of a Goggle search over 4 years later).


Sep 9, 2009
i just got them deleted from imageshack and from google search lol

they no longer appear in neither

so happy
Jul 3, 2006
orlando158 said:
i posted my pictures on this thread


could some moderator please delete the picture from the post ?

I'm having imageshack remove them, but even if they are removed from imageshack, if someone puts orlando158 on google, my pictures still would show up unless the link is actually removed from here
Unfortunately, your pictures have been picked up and repeated by others on several different web pages.

That's the hard thing about posting pictures on the web. They can kind of go viral. I was able to find them really easily.

I think at this point it may be best to just realize the cat is out of the bag and just go forward from here on and try not to post more pictures. When people copy them and then post them on other forums later it's hard to do much about it once they are in lots of places.

I know that's really hard though. I think sometimes we get lulled and think there is privacy. Unfortunately once something is posted on the worldwide web, it's pretty impossible to get it removed because there isn't any way of knowing just how many people have reprinted the pics, where they emailed them, what forums or Facebook pages they put them on or who they might have sent them to.

The site I found them on the person mentioned she didn't think there would be any problem with putting the pictures up because they had been posted on the web for everyone to see.

It's just almost possible to pull back digital images unfortunately.

You can though do a search by image, but it doesn't generally get them all. And when they are in lots of places there just isn't anything to be done. Like what happened to Princess Kate.

I think as time goes on it will be less easily found. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to change your screen names and then after a year or two it won't be associated with you as much? People will get to know you with a different name. As far as this site, you have to get permission I think, but if you are really concerned its a thought.

Good luck! Hugs!
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Feb 3, 2013
I have a friend who had a similar issue and he contacted a service that specializes in wiping your info/images from the web -- it's been a few years since that time but I'm pretty sure he found the service by Googling. Seemed reputable and it worked for him. Maybe try the same? Sorry I can't remember the name of the company he used...


Jan 23, 2013
I read this forum and I am on the same boat as you. There are pictures of me that I do NOT want out there :wacko: I thought I could never do anything about it. HOWEVER, after you posted this thread, I read it and a week later still couldn't get it off my mind. So I researched.

A company/program that you can use to delete your information off the internet is DeleteMe.
Pros: Deletes your information off specific websites and monitors these websites for a year.
Cons: Things can always come back. And they only do specific websites so blogs are not on there.

So, I looked into it more because I was hoping there would be a way...
There is something called DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Basically, if there is a picture of you that is posted on a website, by law they have to take it down if you request it, because it is your property and it is copyrighted.
You have to email them and state that you want it down.
If they don't then you can take them to court. You can hire a lawyer and you will win the case. But that's a bit expensive.
If you ask and they still don't take it down, you can report it to their host provider. Host provider would probably take down their entire site.

To find the host provider, you can use Whois database. It is required if you own a website.

As for google search...
After your images are removed but still pop up on google, you can contact google and tell them that the images/website that shows up on google is no longer on the website. If you provide evidence, then they will take it down.

Link step by step on how to delete yourself from the internet:

Link to google webmaster tool:

Good Luck! You're lucky you only have a couple of photos to remove... going to be awhile before I remove most of mine :pout:


Mar 16, 1980
You are correct with most of your assumptions, SeekingBeauty.

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