I want my keychain!

  1. I am having tons of drama just to get a Penguin keyfob. It's probably the cheapest thing i have ever bought at Coach.

    They wouldn't allow me to order it last week. Then my SA called my house on Tuesday and told my mom they had gotten them in.

    So I go out to the mall in a monsoon last night, only to discover that my SA isn't in and the really rude woman who was there was telling me that no one could have called me because they don't have them. So after she was pretty nasty, another woman remembered me, and said although it was a mistake and they don't have it in the store, I can order it now.

    But she let the nasty woman ring me up, so she got a sale off me that she totally didn't deserve.

    But at least my penguin is on the way! Hopefull he comes in the mail this week.
  2. I'm sorry that that woman was so rude to you! I don't understand why some people who work in retail feel the need to be snotty:cursing:

    At least you are going to get your penguin! It is so cute!
  3. That penguin is really cute. At least you were able to order it.
  4. Sounds like, when the SA called to say it was "in", she probably meant that it was in JAX to order. The rude SA should be trained how to speak to people. You should have requested that the SA who called you get the sale, it could be rung under her SA#. Or, at the very least request that someone else assist you.
  5. Don't worry, they don't work on commission, so the nice SA didn't really get screwed out of anything. :smile:

    I'm so glad it's on its way! Post pictures when it arrives!
  6. Im sorry the SA was so rude. Some people might be having a bad day and dont realize that there showing it to everybody else. Congrats on the penguin. I cant wait to get mine!!!
  7. I hate rude people, but I love that penguin keyfob! Hope you get it soon!
  8. I just looked it up - very cute! Perfect for winter. I do like coach keychains :smile:
  9. im sorry that the nasty one rang u up...i hate snotty girls
  10. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. But YAY for the Penguin Key fob! It is so cute- I can't wait to get one. I was at the MOA yesterday and wanted to buy it- but they didn't have it in either. I thought about ordering it but I want to buy it and get it right away- I don't do well with delayed gratification. LOL
  11. So it hasn't hit stores yet?? I'm so worried it will sell out- I had a little savings fund going that just got sucked dry sending care packages... so I was REALLY hoping I'd be able to wait a couple weeks for it!
  12. haha I realized that sounded overly dramatic for a keychain! But I love penguins so much and I've been really good about not buying anything lately. So its going to be my treat :smile:
  13. the little penguin is so cute! i'm glad you finally got it