I want my first LV purse.....

  1. I have been to the LV boutique at NM several times now trying to decide what my first LV should be. I am heavily leaning towards either the Piano, Mezzo or BH. The only thing I don't like is all of the fakes out there, it just seems you can't help run into them. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!
  2. Batignolles Horizontal :yes:! it's a great shoulder bag; i have one and i love it. and you won't have to worry about the vachetta bottom that the Cabas bags have. and the style and shape is so much nicer than the Cabas.
  3. BH :yes: And don't worry about the fakes. People who know LV will know yours is real. And you'll love it! They are such great bags. :yahoo:

  4. DITTO! My thoughts exactly! :flowers:
  5. Batignolles Horizontal all the way!!!
  6. BH! Nice shape, not too structured and no vachetta bottom :yes:
    And don't worry about the fakes, if you like it - get it! Your's is real, don't care about others.
  7. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your help.
  8. I agree-- just feel happy in enjoying your REAL bag:love: ... and all those in 'the know' will not be confused about real vs fake... anyway, YOU will now which is all that's important. :yahoo:
  9. Here is one vote for BH as well!
    IMO, BH looks more awesome and needs lower maintenance.
  10. Another BH vote here too. I have it and love it. It was my first LV bag.
  11. I think the Mezzo is too big. Despite the vachetta on the bottom, I like the Cabas more than the BH because I like the shape better, how it has a zipper, and the BH is a bit big on me. The BH will definitely be easier to take care of if that is a concern as one would need to be very very careful with the bottom of the Cabas. Hope that helps.
  12. Another vote for the Batignolles Horizontal from me! :heart:
  13. Batignolles Horizontal!! You won't regret it!!
  14. My vote is for the BH! It's a great bag-you will not be disappointed!
  15. I have a cabas piano - but if I could turn back time I think I'd have gotten the BH. I love the look of the cabas so much more because it's such a classic tote, classic LV style - but the vachetta gets SO dirty - it makes you scared and not want to carry the bag :sad: