I Want My Compliment Back!

  1. Argh...I had to share an experience I had today with an ignorant LV owner.

    While coming out of the dressing room at Marshall's tonight, I spotted a woman with the beautiful Damier Azur Saleya. I stopped and said to her, "Oh I love your Damier!" She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "My what?" I said, "Your Damier Azur." She still looked at me like I was an alien so I said, "Um, your handbag." She then said in the most condescending tone, "Uh...it's a Louie Vuitton." Still trying to be nice, I said, "Yeah, I know. That's the line name. Damier Azur....um, you didn't know that?"

    She kept looking at me like I was a complete nuisance and said, "Oh, I don't know. All I know is that it's a Louie." In one last-ditch effort to share LV love with her I said, "Oh, ok, well that's the Saleya." At this point, she had already dismissed and wasn't even looking at me anymore and just muttered, "Mm-hm."

    Sheesh...that woman doesn't even deserve that beautiful bag IMO!! Would you have been as irritated by her as I was? If she had at least been a little nicer, I think it would have been alright. But to be so rude and still not even care about the bag, that was just unacceptable!!!
  2. ^Ugh almost the SAME EXACT thing happened to me...

    I was so frustrated! The lady was so rude and I was giving her a compliment!

    I know exactly how you feel...just keep your head up...you were being so sweet by complimenting her.

    If she wants to be rude and ignorant, thats her problem!

    You just keep on being nice :smile:
  3. Some people don't know how to accept a compliment. But also I can get too into "purse talk," lots of people don't know the names of their purses. But she should've been nicer about the compliment.
  4. ^^I was thinking that too afterwards that maybe I was too overboard with extra information. But like I said before, I think her tone is what angered me the most. That and the fact that at first, she thought I didn't even know the bag was an LV!
  5. i personally haven't come across that kind of situation, but i'd be upset too. my mom doesn't know the names of her LVs but she's always happy when she gets compliments from people.
  6. LOL, I think she bought the bag without even caring to know anything about it. All she cared about was that it's LV. Maybe someone gave it to her. Ahh, some people are just snooty. She has issues.
  7. Makes me sad that their are those who own a Vuitton who don't truly LOOOOVE them!

    I am guessing she doesn't visit here often!:rolleyes:
  8. Thanks guys...I feel more vindicated now. LOL!:p
  9. Wow, that's so rude!
  10. that's happened to me before too and it soured me from ever saying anything to anyone about their LV aside from saying "that's a nice lv" haha. some people are so ignorant of what line/name of LV bag they have. some just get it because it is an LV and nothing more. don't let it get to ya.
  11. She's clearly not a tpfer! :biggrin: What a snoot.
  12. luvpurses: why can't I run into someone like you coming out of a dressing room? That bad lady probably thought Damier was a brand name LOL but should have been kinder accepting your compliment.
  13. Yeah, I totally agree with you that she is kinda 'snobby'....but I guess we also have to consider the fact that most LV customers are NOT like us. We know our products well, while most others simply go in, roam around, and buy a bunch of stuff just like that. Still, tho, she shoulda been more warm.:yes:

    hey, just an amusing thought, perhaps you scared her? lol like you said, she just came out the dressing room and didn't expect a "I LOVE YOUR BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" comment lol cuz I've done this before.....lol....and now I know to take it slowly....
  14. Oh Memory Bliss!! I wish it had been you!! LOL!
  15. Well, we were already in the "lobby" area of the dressing room. There were other people around - the dressing room attendant and other people waiting in line to get in. Nevertheless, you may be right. I probably also scared her with my rabid enthusiasm!! :rolleyes: