I want my children back...maybe

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  1. Please Debby Rowe! How much do you want? She is waiting for the Jackson family to make her an offer.
  2. I hope the kids don't go to her. I hate mother's like her. Only having an interest in their own children when there is $$$$ involved.
  3. I am disgusted by this. She sold her children years ago and now she maybe wants them back. Hmm...what could be the reason behind this.. Do her children even know her? I think she's a stranger to them. It would be the same as putting the children in foster care.
  4. LOL...Debbie Rowe has a restraining order against Joe Jackson, although I don't think anybody knows why. Joe Jackson is making plans to, I guess along with Katherine, help raise the kids until further custody can be decided on. He's ignoring Debbie Rowe!
  5. She doesn't have the restraining order, she said she would get one to keep the kids away from Joe. She is using Joe as an excuse to get the kids away from the Jacksons to negotiate more $$
  6. we have enough threads on the whole MJ topic already . . . please join one of them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.