I Want my CARLY BACK!!!!!!!

  1. I sent my Carly out for repair. (A minor one, loose stitching). The SA called me last week telling me it was complete and that I should receive it within a week. Well I called CS to get a tracking number and they said it was still being repaired! It hasn't been gone that long so I know I shouldn't be complaining but I really got my hopes up when she told me to expect it, ya know??
  2. I hope you get it sooner than later.
  3. don't worry she willl be back with you in no time in the meanwhile use another bag that you like.
  4. aww, I hope you get it soon!!!!!!!1

  5. Oh I am, I am carrying my Large Soho Hobo in Pear...... and I just bought another bag/wallet on eBay last night so that cheered me up!!!!
  6. hang in there tikilove, She'll be here in no time!!!!
  7. At least they are able to repair it for you so you'll get it back! (Trying to help look on the bright side). Hang in there...sounds like retail therapy is helping some!!
  8. yes if all else fails...go on eBay lol
  9. She is back, I have missed her so much. Now I feel bad that I will be cheating on her with a new bag!
  10. How long did the repairs take? I have one of my bags in for repair, its been a week yesterday but it seems forever! I want it back already? Did they mail her to you?
  11. I know what you mean. :yes: I have a bag in for repair and they said 4-6 weeks.. it has been 3 weeks and I called to check up on it and it isn't in their system yet.. she said they are backed up but it should be in the system this week. :wtf: